Nantucket's Historic Homes

Nantucket's historic homes draw thousands of tourists to the tiny island every year. It is not surprising when you consider that Nantucket has more than 800 beautifully preserved pre-Civil War era homes, the largest concentration in the country.

It is hard to imagine that this small island, 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, was once the greatest whaling port in the world. From Nantucket harbor, hundreds of ships set sail on long difficult voyages near and far in pursuit of the mighty whale. Fortunately, Nantucketers no longer kill the gentle giants, but many of the historic homes and buildings remain behind, a memorial, of sorts, to Nantucket’s storied and romantic past.

On these pages you'll find the addresses of some of the most historic and architecturally significant buildings with the approximate dates of construction. Bear in mind that this is not a complete list by any means, and many wonderful homes have not been included. The historic homes are listed by street name and neighborhood, rather than age, to make it easier to use for leisurely strolls through the picturesque historic district.

Some of the most elegant historic homes will be found on Main and Orange Streets where the wealthy sea captains, ship owners and merchants lived. Many of these homes feature widows walks with panoramic views of the harbor and horizon beyond. Although most homes were built of wood, many brick mansions were built during Nantucket’s golden era. Perhaps the most famous are the three located side-by-side at 93, 95 and Main Street. The “Three Bricks” were built by wealthy Joseph Starbuck for his three sons between 1837 and 1840.

The Nantucket Preservation Trust published a fascinating book on 30 of the most historic homes on Main Street.  You can order a copy of A Walk Down Main Street here.  It makes the perfect guide for discovering some of Nantucket's most beautiful and historic homes and a great companion when talking your own walk.

Nantucket Preservation Trust House Markers Markers
A number of these historic homes have been recognized by the Nantucket Preservation Trust for their historic and architectural integrity. These houses bear a fan-shaped wooden plaque with the name of the original owner, builder or historical name of the structure, and the date of construction.

For information on NPT walking tours: NPT Walking Tours

Nantucket Historical Association Properties
The Nantucket Historical Association owns a number of historic properties including the Hadwen House at 94 Main Street, the Macy-Christian House at 12 Liberty Street, and the Jethro Coffin House (the Oldest House) on Sunset Hill.

NHA Marker, NantuckeNantucket Historical Association Marker

The NHA offers tours of these and other properties seasonally.

The Jethro Coffin House is a must-see! If you don’t have a chance to take a guided tour, you can still walk up to the house and check out the fascinating architectural details including the small windows filled with the original dark diamond-shaped glass.

Oldest house window, NantucketMedieval-style window Jethro Coffin House
c. 1686

For more information on NHA properties: NHA Historic Sites
For more information on NHA walking tours: NHA Tours

Please Note:

Other than the properties owned by the Nantucket Historical Association, most of the historic homes listed here are not open to public.

Please remember to respect the privacy of the owners.

(See historic home addresses below)

Academy Lane, Gay & Westminster Street
Ash Street & North Water Street
Broad & Quince
Centre Street
Charter, Darling & Pine Streets
Eagle, Farmer & Fair Streets
Gardner Street & Liberty Street
India Street
Main Street
Milk & Vestal
Mill, New Mill, New Dollar & Prospect
Orange & Bear Streets
Pleasant & Atlantic Streets
Sunset Hill & West Chester

Broadway & School Streets

Academy, Gay & Westminster

Worth-Gardner House c. 1780
3 Academy Lane

Albert Tobey c. 1845
10 Academy Lane

Paul Coggeshall c. 1795
4 Gay Street

Robert Hussey c. 1807
12 Westminster Street

Ash Street & North Water Street

Benjamin Barney House c. 1765
8 Ash Street

George Folger House c. 1750
10 Ash Street

Charles Wood House c. 1846
1 North Water Street

Easton-Joy House c. 1846
4 N. Water Street

Benjamin Folger House c. 1770
24 N. Water Street

Broad Street & Quince Street

Jared Coffin c. 1845
29 Broad Street

Samuel Woodward c. 1842
3 Quince Street

Henry Clark c. 1770
4 Quince Street

Nathaniel Hussey Homestead c. 1731
5 Quince Street

Joseph Edwards c. 1812
15 Quince Street

Centre Street

Valentine Swain c. 1847
36 Centre Street

Reuben Russell c. 1833
45 Centre Streeet

Ariel Coffin c. 1806
47 Centre Street

Peter Folger House c. 1765
51 Centre Street

Joshua Coffin House c. 1756
52 Centre Street

Henry Coffin c. 1821
54 Centre Street

Harrison Gray Otis Dunham c. 1842
56 Centre Street

James Coffin Cooper c. 1780
57 Centre Street

Gardner-Whipley House c. 1791
64 Centre Street

Christopher Folger/Sara Turner House c. 1753
86 Centre Street
(early lean-to)

Charter, Darling & Pine

Benjamin Coffin c. 1765
3 Charter Street

Linzey Wharton Mariner c. 1769
9 Darling Street

Jonathon Bunker c. 1750
10 Darling Street

John Pinkham c. 1750
5 Pine Street

George Gardner House (unknown)
8 Pine Street

Coffin-Chapin House (unknown)
9 Pine Street

Parliament House (unknown)
10 Pine Street

William Hart c. 1820
38 Pine Street

Eagle, Fair & Farmer

Clovis Black c. 1808
9 Eagle Lane

William M. Barrett c. 1868
9 Fair Street

Thomas Coffin II c. 1797
15 Fair Street

Ebenezer Raymond c. 1800
30 Fair Street

Simeon Long c. 1791
34 Fair Street

Captain Seth Pinkham c. 1826
40 Fair Street

Zachariah Bunker c. 1760
42 Fair Street

Benjamin Austin c. 1797
46 Fair Street

Peter Coffin c. 1780
47 Fair Street

John Jenkins c. 1810
50 Fair Street

Charles Weeks c. 1829
57 Fair Street

John B. Nicholson c. 1832
61 Fair Street

James T. Eldredge c. 1820
2 Farmer Street

Gardner & Liberty

Richard Macy/Daniel Worth c. 1768
10 Gardner Street
(Typical Nantucket house)

Gideon Folger c. 1807
15 Gardner Street

Reuben F. Coffin c. 1831
16 Gardner Street

Macy-Christian House c. 1720
12 Liberty Street
(Early lean-to)

Starbuck-Newhouse (unknown)
15 Liberty Street

India Street

William Stubbs c. 1800
15 India Street

Obediah Wood House c. 1794
17 India Street

Silas Paddack House c. 1767
18 India Street

Zaccheus Hussey c. 1809
19 India Street

John Howland Swain House c. 1785
21 India Street

Captain Reuben Baxter House c. 1795
23 India Street

Daniel Coffin House c. 1794
25 India Street

Robert Folger House c. 1794
27 India Street

Benjamin Swift House c. 1795
29 India Street

Eliab Hussey House c. 1795
31 India Street

John Russell House c. 1785
33 India Street

Mary Norris c. 1794
35 India Street

George Lawrence c. 1786
35 India Street

Charles Hussey c. 1804
37 India Street

Nicholson-True House (unknown)
38 India Street

Gorham Macy House c. 1836
39 India Street

Andrew Bunker House c. 1761
41 India Street

Meltiah Nye c. 1805
43 India Street

Rescom Tabor c. 1804
45 India Street

Main Street

George W. Macy c. 1847
16 Main Street

George H. Ridell C. 1846
54 Main Street

Philip H. Folger c. 1831
56 & 58 Main Street

Frederick Mitchell House c. 1834
69 Main Street
(Typical Nantucket house)

John Wendell Barrett House c. 1832
72 Main Street

Eliza Barney c. 1871
73 Main Street

Henry Coffin House c. 1832-1835
75 Main Street
(Greek Revival brick mansion)

Francis Macy House c. 1790 and 1836
77 Main Street

Obed Worth c. 1801
81 Main Street

Perez Jenkins c. 1808
82 Main Street
(Federal style)

Joseph Swain c. 1762
84 Main Street
(Typical Nantucket house)

Jabez Bunker c. 1725
85 Main Street

Sarah Gardner Clark c. 1830
87 Main Street

Captain Job Coleman c. 1830
88 Main Street

Captain Thaddeus Coffin c. 1744
89 Main Street

Joseph Starbuck Houses c. 1837-1840
"Three Bricks"
93, 95, 97 Main Street

Hadwen-Wright House c. 1845
94 Main Street
(Greek Revival style)

William Hadwen House c. 1844
96 Main Street
(Greek Revival style)

Swain-Macy House c. 1770
99 Main Street
(Federal style)

Christopher Starbuck House c. 1690
105 Main Street (Monument Square)
(Early lean-to)

Zaccheus Macy c. 1694
107 Main Street

Margaret Gardner Daggett House c. 1746
111 Main Street

Edward Cary Jr. 1793
117 Main Street

John Folger II c. 1800
127 Main Street

William Coffin c. 1806
138 Main Street

Richard Gardner House c. 1688-1690
139 Main Street
(Early lean-to)

George C. Gardner c. 1835
141 Main Street

Barnabas Gardner c. 1735
153 Main Street

Milk & Vestal

Hinchman House c. 1800-1810
7 Milk Street (Federal style)

James Pinkham c. 1790
10 Milk Street

Thomas Starbuck Homestead c. 1761
11 Milk Street
(Typical Nantucket house)

David Myrick c. 1750
14 Milk Street

Kimball Starbuck c. 1804
18 Milk Street

Silas Gardner House c. 1780
21 Milk Street

Peter Hussey c. 1836
28 Milk Street

Charles H. Tracy c. 1845
30 Milk Street

Coffin-Gardner House c. 1820
33 Milk Street

Swain-Mitchell House c. 1790
1 Vestal Street
(Typical Nantucket house)

William Swain c. 1835
16 Vestal Street
(Greek Revival style)

Mill, New Dollar, New Mill & Prospect

1800 House (Richard Coleman) c. 1801
4 Mill Street
(Federal style)

Job Macy c. 1790
11 Mill Street
(Typical Nantucket house)

Thomas Potter c. 1840
17 Mill Street

Joseph Starbuck House c. 1809
1 New Dollar Lane

Rescom Palmer c. 1809
9 New Mill Street

Obed B. Long c. 1840
3 Prospect Street

Obed B. Long c. 1848
11 Prospect Street

Orange & Bear Streets

Captain Silas Jones House c. 1774
5 Orange Street
(Federal style)

Benjamin Coggeshall House c. 1841
8 Orange Street

Peleg Coggeshall House c. 1802
10 Orange Street

Christopher Hussey c. 1788
12 Orange Street

Henry Pinkham House c. 1800
13 Orange Street

Levi Starbuck c. 1838
14 Orange Street

Isaac Chase House c. 1761
14 ½ Orange Street

Andrew Myrick House c. 1755
16 Orange Street

Matthew Beard House c. 1770
18 Orange Street

John Beard House c. 1816
20 Orange Street

Philip H. Folger c. 1831
21 Orange Street

Nathaniel Woodbury House c. 1760
22 Orange Street

Joshua Bunker House c. 1819
25 Orange Street

Seth Folger House before 1755
26 Orange Street

Benjamin Tupper House c. 1755
28 Orange Street

Josiah Gorham House c. 1844
29 Orange Street

Robert Wyer House c. 1760
33 Orange Street

John Jackson c. 1831
37 Orange Street

John Barnard Orpin c 1788
49 Orange Street

Raymond-Coleman House c. 1800
53 Orange Street

George C. Cahse c. 1837
80 Orange Street

John B. Nicholson c. 1835
91 Orange Street

Isaac G. Swain c. 1849
99 Orange Street

Tristram Bunker House c. 1720
3 Bear Street

Pleasant & Atlantic Streets

William H. Crosby c. 1837
1 Pleasant Street

Walter Folger II House (prior to 1786)
8 Pleasant Street

Edward Allen c. 1761
13 Pleasant Street

Obed Macy c. 1800
15 Pleasant Street

Jared Coffin House (Moor’s End) c. 1829-1834
19 Pleasant Street

Samuel C. Harris c. 1831
5 Atlantic Avenue

Sunset Hill & West Chester

Jethro Coffin House c. 1686
Oldest House
Sunset Hill, off West Chester Street
(Early lean-to)

Richard Gardner House c. 1722-1724
32 West Chester Street
(Early lean-to)

Isaac Brayton c. 1800
3 West Chester Street

Thomas Hussey c. 1800
9 West Chester Street


Coffin-Athearn Stores (prior to 1836)
2 Union Street

Elisha Green House c. 1820
9 Union Street
Typical Nantucket four-bay house

Nathan Beebe House c. 1802
11 Union Street

Francis Barker House c. 1796
13 Union Street

Jonathan C. Briggs c. 1800
16 Union Street

Joseph West House c. 1802
17 Union Street

Silvanus Ewer c. 1803
19 Union Street

Richard Coleman House c. 1803
21 Union Street

Thaddeus Hussey c. 1809
22 Union Street

Ebenezer Rand c. 1806
25 Union Street

Francis Barker c. 1806
28 Union Street

Josiah Gorham House c. 1844
29 Union Street

Lot Hinckley c. 1822
31 Union Street

Seth Clisby c. 1837
33 Union Street

William B. Coffin c. 1747
35 Union Street

David Worth c. 1805
41 Union Street

Thomas v. McLeave c. 1820
47 Union Street


Broadway & School Street

“Shanunga” Betsey Cary Cottage c. 1682
Broadway Street

Micah Coffin House c. 1675
Broadway Street

William Brown c. 1814
26 Broadway Street

“Nauma” Rachel Paddock c. 1750
27 Broadway Street

“Whalespray” c. 1796
29 Broadway Street

Silas Parker c. 1794
7 School Street

For more information on Nantucket architectural styles,
including those unique to Nantucket:
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Nantucket Historic Homes Sources:

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Tyler, Betsy, A Walk Down Main Street, the Houses and their Histories, Nantucket: Nantucket Preservation Trust, 2006

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Jethro Coffin House, Oldest House, NantuckeJethro Coffin House c. 1686
Sunset Hill "Oldest House"
Swain House, 84 Main Street, NantucketJos. Swain House c. 1762
84 Main Street
"Typical Nantucket House"
Hadwen-Wright House, 94 Main Street, NantucketHadwen-Wright House c.1847
94 Main Street
Swain-Macy House, 99 Main Street, NantucketSwain-Macy House c. 1770-1799
99 Main Street
Starbuck House, 105 Main Street, NantucketStarbuck House c. 1690
105 Main Street
Whale vane, NantucketSeveral houses feature "whale" decor, especially vanes & door knockers
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