Nantucket's Historic Cemeteries

Old grave markers in historic cemeteries can be be a fascinating source of information for history lovers and genealogical researchers alike.

Nantucket has several historic cemeteries with interesting histories of their own. As is true for most cemeteries, some of the older headstones are missing or difficult to read. Even more frustrating for grave searchers, there are many unmarked graves in the Quaker cemeteries because Quakers believed the markers were idolatrous. But many old stones remain, and a trip to the Island's cemeteries can be an adventure in itself.

Founders Burial Ground
Lost Quaker Cemetery
Colored Cemetery
Native American Burial Grounds
Newtown Cemetery
New North Cemetery
Old North Cemetery
Old Polpis Burial Ground
Prospect Hill Cemetery
Quaker Burial Ground
Quaise Burial Ground
St. Mary's Cemetery
Edward Lewis Memorial Cemetery (Unitarian Cemetery)

For the location and history of these cemeteries:
NHA Cemetery Inscription Project


The Nantucket Historical Association has undertaken a project which makes it easy to learn more about the markers and cemeteries without actually having to visit each one. In fact, most of the information can be searched online! The NHA Cemetery Inscription Project is an effort to record the inscriptions of all of the island’s grave markers. Information on most of the Island's markers has already been collected and entered into a database that allows searching across cemeteries.

We are really excited about this project. They have done an amazing job with the database, and you can search by the name of the deceased, or you can search by cemetery name for a list of all markers in that particular graveyard, with inscriptions, locations and photographs!

To access the NHA database, Click here!

To learn more about the inscription project, Click here!

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