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One of the great things about getting around Nantucket is that you don’t need a car! Don’t ruin you’re Nantucket vacation stressing over the frustration of driving or trying to find a parking space in the midst of the traffic congestion that arrives on the island every summer.

Relax! Enjoy! and leave your car at home! Nearly all of the restaurants, unique shops, art galleries, historic sites and hotels and B&Bs are within walking distance of the harbor and historic downtown area. But if you want to visit other places on the Island, grab a bike, catch a shuttle, call a cab or rent a car. Getting around Nantucket couldn't be easier: hiking and biking trails abound, taxis stands are conveniently located, shuttles are easily accessible, and there are several car rental agencies.

Nantucket Shuttle

EXCITING NEWS! As of April 2018, the shuttle is now running all year round, which is so convenient for off-season travel. Take the NRTA Shuttle to get around the island. It’s affordable, convenient and stress-free. For fares and schedules, NRTA Riders Guide.

Nantucket Taxis

Taxis are available all year round and provide transportation services across the island. Many of the taxi companies are independently owned and operated. Taxis are available at the airport, Straight Wharf, and Steamboat Wharf and taxi stands are located at the intersections of Lower Main Street/South Water Street and Main Street/Washington Street. Most taxi companies accept advance reservations.

For a list of taxis with phone numbers, follow this link to the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority: NRTA Taxis

Good news! The taxi rates are set by the local government and enforced by the Nantucket Police Department, so no surprises like I had on a recent trip to Dallas where I was charged three different fares for the same exact trip!

For current rates, follow this link to the Town of Nantucket website and click on "Taxi Rates".

Nantucket Car Rentals

Affordable Rentals
Hertz Car Rental
Nantucket Island Rent-A-Car
Windmill Auto Rental
Young's Bicycle Shop (Bikes, Cars & Jeeps!)

If you are arriving on the ferry, or only want to rent a car for a day or two, you might consider Affordable Rentals or Young's Bicycle Shop.  Both are conveniently located near the harbor.  The other car rental companies are located near the airport.

Nantucket Bike Rentals

Young's Bicycle Shop has been renting bikes on Nantucket since 1931. Located on Broad Street, the family-owned business is just a block away from the Steamship Authority and a short walk from the Hy-Line. In addition to the best rental bikes on island, Young's also rents cars and Jeeps to those who would like to see Nantucket by vehicle. For more information, call 508-228-1151 or visit

Nantucket Tours

Tour the island by bus, van or foot with one of the many tour companies or individual guides. For more information on tour guides, tour companies and the broad variety of general and specialized tour options, check out Nantucket Tours!

Wheels, Heels, and Pedals!

Be sure to check out Wheels, Heels and Pedals for helpful information on all the public transportation services, such as the NRTA, Taxi Services, and Tour Companies. You’ll also find maps of hiking and biking trails.

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Young's Bicycle Shop, NantucketYoung's Bicycle Shop
Young's Bicycle Shop's truck filled with daffodilsYoung's truck filled with daffodils for the Daffodil Festival
Main Street Sign, NantucketDon't worry about getting lost!