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We’re not islanders, but we‘ve been to Nantucket so often, we’ve adopted it as our home away from home. We love to travel to interesting historic places and we love sharing our passion and experiences with others. Nantucket is a natural for a historic destination website.  It's historic, romantic, and absolutely beautiful!  You won't be disappointed.  And for history buffs, the entire island has been designated a historic landmark.

We want to provide you with all the usual tourist info, but we also want to offer some interesting tidbits and insights into the island's rich history that was by turns turbulent, courageous and inspiring. It is what makes Nantucket so special after all.

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Brant Poit LIghthouse, Nantucket
Ship Weathervane, Nantucket
Seagull, Nantucket Boat Basin
Blue Buoys, Nantucket Boat Basin