Nantucket Photo Gallery

We wanted to share a few of our favorite photographs in this photo gallery. They bring back such wonderful memories!

Whales, Whales and more Whales

No longer the victim of Nantucket whalers, the mighty and magestic whale has taken a honored place in the hearts of residents and vistors alike. Images of whales can be seen everywhere you look, from weather vanes to door knockers to town signs. I even found a moss-covered image on a sidewalk.

Nantucket Whale Vane Nantucket Town Sign Sidewalk Whale
Whale weather vane
Nantucket Historical Society
Nantucket Town sign
Even the moss pays homage to the mighty whale!

Nantucket Boat Basin

Nantucket Boat Basin is the perfect place for strolling and taking pictures. Grey-shingled cottages and bright colored boats casting shimmering reflections make for stunning photographs.

Seagull, Nantucket Boat Basin Cottages, Nantucket Boat Basin Nantucket Boat Basin
A seagull enjoys his perch on a foggy Nantucket morning
Popular photo opp!
View from our cottage, Young Hero

Uniquely Nantucket

There are so many enchanting things about Nantucket, even the water meter lids have a charm all their own. We found an original Nantucket Lightship life preserver ring hanging in Cy’s Lobster Pot, along with a lot of other amazing memorabilia.

NHA Marker, Nantucket Nantucket Water Meter Lid Nantucket Lightship Preserver
Nantucket Historical Association Historical Marker
Nantucket water meter lid
Original Nantucket Lightship life preserver ring

Brant Point Beach and Lighthouse

One of Nantucket's most photographed sites, Brant Point Beach is home to the historic Brant Point Lighthouse. It's not the best beach for swimming, but it is a great place to sit and watch the boats go by. This beautiful beach is one of the island's most popular wedding venues.

Brant Point Light from ferry Brant Point Light Brant Point Beach
Brant Point Light from ferry
Brant Point entrance
Beach grass and sand dunes

Nantucket Skyline

The famous Nantucket skyline is marked by church steeples, widow’s walks and weather vanes. The two most recognizable buildings are the First Congregational Church and the Second Congregational Meeting House (South Church), now known as the Unitarian Universalist Church. The steeple of the of the First Congregational Church offers a breathtaking birds-eye view of the island.

Nantucket clock tower Nantucket steeple Ship weathervane, Nantucket
Clock tower, 2nd Congregational Meeting House
Steeple, 1st Congregational Church
Ship weather vane

Nantucket at Night

There is something magical about Nantucket nights. Sunsets are breathtaking. The boat basin lights up so bright it takes on a golden glow. Evenings are perfect for a leisurely stroll and the street lamps add a romantic glow to the cobblestone streets.

Nantucket Boat Basin at night Nantucket sunset Electric blue boat, Nantucket Harbor
Boat Basin's
golden glow
Enchanting Nantucket sunset
Electric blue boat
Boat Basin

Streets of Nantucket

Upscale shops, restaurants, taverns, and historic homes line the cobblestones of Main Street, the heart of historic downtown Nantucket.

Cobblestones, Nantucket Nantucket Street Sign Main Street Memorial, Nantucket
Main Street cobblestones laid in 1837
Nantucket street signs point the way
The old Main Street fountain dedicated to the memory of Lt. Max Wagner

On the Water - Nantucket Boats

Bright colored sail boats, luxury yachts, fishing boats, and charming little row boats fill the harbor and create endless photo opportunities.

Nantucket Fishing Boats Tootsie, Nantucket Harbor Sunken Ship, Nantucket
Nantucket fishing boats
Tootsie, Nantucket Boat Basin
The iconic
Sunken Ship

Just for Fun!

Shimmering reflections make for some of our favorite photographs like this one of the buoys floating in the harbor. On our last trip we photographed this sneaky seagull feasting on snacks he stole right out of our bag pack!

Buoys, Nantucket Harbor Brant Point Beach Seagull, Brant Point Beach
Nantucket Harbor
Brant Point Beach
Our snack-stealing friend!

The Grey Lady

Morning and evening fog are frequent visitors to the Island, earning her the name of the “Grey Lady.”

Foggy Harbor, Nantucket Grey Lady preserver, Hyannis Ferry Red sailboat, Brant Point
Foggy harbor
Grey Lady
Hyannis Ferry
Red sailboat
Brant Point

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